Kickpages New Updates Blog

Feb 27, 2019

Kickpages New Updates Blog


Martin here from Kickpages. Welcome to our new update blog!

At Kickpages, we push fresh updates regularly and our design team is constantly producing beautiful new templates, design blocks and images for you to use.

We got some feedback from our one of our users (thanks Rick!) that all these updates were a little “in the dark”, so we have set this up to let you know about all the great stuff we add.

I’ll start off by highlighting two things on our platform, our support site & knowledgebase, plus our “request a feature site.

Support should be your first port of call for any issue and if you don’t find an answer there, you can click to create a ticket (or do so in the chat bubble that is in the bottom right of the editor and site pages.

For our request site, this is where we will record your suggestions and decide what to prioritise, measure demand for new features and generally give you a good organised way to get in touch with us.

Thanks for being part of Kickpages and look out here for full details when we push our next update!

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