New Collection: Box Styles

Feb 21, 2024

New Collection: Box Styles

We’re thrilled to bring you the latest addition to Kickpages’ suite of design tools – the Box Styles Collection. Crafted to enhance your project’s visual appeal, these blocks feature pre-styled rows complete with headlines and paragraph text, column layouts, and inner rows equipped with placeholders for headlines and paragraphs.

Each style is meticulously designed with elements like borders, rounded corners, background options, font pairings, colors, and hover effects, embodying everything you need to create captivating content boxes seen across our various block collections.

To incorporate these styles into your projects, simply navigate to “Blocks” and choose “Box Styles” from the Collections menu.

Each defined style is organized into one section, making it easy to integrate as a block directly within the editor. These sections include various row types that share common styling, offering versatility and consistency in your design process.

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