Kickpages Funnel Toolkit

Aug 28, 2019

Kickpages Funnel Toolkit

We just published our brand new Kickpages Funnel toolkit on the platform, and it’s included for all existing users at no cost.

This powerful new addition consists of FORTY new templates in the digital marketing area, constructed as a set of 10 sales funnels, with 4 pages in each funnel.

Each funnel has the following pages:

  • Prelaunch Page
  • Sales Page
  • OTO Sales Page
  • Purchase Delivery page

You can create an entire sales funnel in seconds, ready to edit for your own offer and linked to your own payment buttons. Simply click “Create from Template” and on the template page, click “Projects” then “Sales Funnel” in the categories on the left, and you are ready to go.

Remember, if you want to see a certain project or individual template, let us know at

Preview Screenshots:

Sales Funnel 1
Sales Funnel 2
Sales Funnel 3
Sales Funnel 4
Sales Funnel 5
Sales Funnel 6
Sales Funnel 7
Sales Funnel 8
Sales Funnel 9
Sales Funnel 10

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