New Kickpages Funnel Features

Oct 09, 2020

New Kickpages Funnel Features

We just released our latest Kickpages update, packed with excellent new features and refinements or you.

Here’s what we have included:

  • Refund system: now you can click “refund” and directly refund any transaction (on paypal or stripe) without leaving the Kickpages platform.
  • Order quantity: customers can now choose quantity for physical goods, with the price updating automatically.
  • Subscription refinement: we added extra tools to set up a fixed duration for a subscription as well as unlimited subscriptions.
  • Pop-up/2-step order form: order forms in your funnels can now be set to be a popup in your sales page, triggered via your buy button.
  • One page funnels: you can now embed the order form directly in your sales page and combine the complete functionality of both in one place.
  • Funnel menu improvement: it is now easier to create a new funnel and immediately start adding your products and integrations.
  • Funnel builder UI: the funnel builder now shows a small thumbnail of your page in the block you drag in the builder, and has an edit button directly in this block as well. This helps you visualise your funnel, manage your pages and quickly get into the editor.

Along with the above new features, we have also added more templates & design blocks, as well as “under the hood” speed improvements and bug fixes.

If you’d like to submit your feature request for something you’d like us to add, you can do so at

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