New features added

Jun 11, 2019

New features added

We just pushed our latest Kickpages update and added a lot of new features for you.

Timed Content

This is a huge new feature, and something I am very excited to use. No other app has this and it will let you automate a lot of your marketing. For every section, row and element in your page, you now have a new options panel on the bottom right called Timed Content. This has a field for Start, End and timezone. You can set a time for your content to start showing, and a time for it to not show. For example, say you have a flash sale. You can set your section that has the sale button to show now until midnight tomorrow. When the End time is reached, the section will not load. You can now have a section set to show at the End time saying “Sorry, this sale is over”.

This is one quick example of the Timed Content feature. Look out for a full tutorial and some example campaigns for this very soon.

Sendiio Integration

Sendiio is a great autoresponder, Facebook and SMS marketng platform (you can see my review of it at and we have now added direct integration so your forms can capture leads right into Sendiio email and SMS list.

ActiveCampaign Field Mapping

We updated our ActiveCampaign API integration so now you can choose what AC field to map to what Kickpages form field more easily.

SEO Schema

We had quite a few requests form users to add an SEO Schema form inside the page settings. You could always add SEO schema via the Custom Includes section by embedding the code, but our new SEO Schema section will make this a lot easier for you.

SEO Headers

All our text editor functions now have a dropdown to let you choose the type of element the text is. For example, H1, H2, paragraph etc. These classifications don’t make it look any different, as it takes the style from what you choose, but they do effect what shows where in SEO results or via accessibility tools such as page readers.

Global Block Styling

A few updates back we released our very popular (plus unique and groundbreaking) Global Blocks function. Sections saved as Global Blocks did not look any different in the editor though and this was an issue, so we have fixed that. When you save a section as a Global Block, or drag a Global Block into the editor, it will have an orange border and buttons on hover

GoToWebinar 2.0 API Integration

We rebuilt our GoToWebinar integration to use the new features available in their new 2.0 API. The main change is, you can now also set your Kickpages forms to register people for a GoToWebinar “Simualted Live” webinar, which was not possible in their API before.

Inline Image Replace Button

One of the most heavily used elements in pages is the image element. We have now added a button inside the editor on the top right of each image and when you click it, it directly opens the Media Gallery popup. This removes a few clicks of the previous process and will let you all add and change images more quickly

Keyboard shortcuts

We’ve added a set of shortcuts inside the editor that will hellp save you team and speed up your workflow. The shortcuts are active once you are inside the editor and have left clicked somewhere (in other words, it has the browsers ‘focus’ and is actively where you are working). The shortcuts are

Save: CTRL + Enter or ALT+S
Save as: CTRL + SHIFT + A
Publish: ALT + P
Republish: CTRL + SHIFT + R
Unpublish: CTRL + SHIFT + U
Undo: CTRL + SHIFT + Z
Redo: CTRL + SHIFT + Y

Automatic https redirect

Kickpages automatically creates a http and https versiion of any page you publish. However, we had some users who did not want the http version to be accessible. To solve that, we have now added a checkbox to the publish popup that lets you set a page to always redirect to the https version. If you leave it unchecked, it will go to whichever the user types.

Tel: links

Our button and link validation did not permit any type of content other than something beginning with http:// or https://. We have now changed this to allow tel: and skype: links, so you can trigger a call or skype session directly from the button click.

These updates are all now live and we are already well on the way in developing our next update (which includes SharpSpring, Zoom and Twilio integrations). They are also separate to our template and design block updates which happen on an ongoing basis.

If you have any feedback or feature requests, we’d love to hear from you at

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