New Features Added

May 28, 2021

New Features Added

The latest Kickpages update is now live. In this update we added a lot of new features, made huge strides in improving performance of your published pages and continue to improve every part of the platform.

Check out the video below to see what we have added.

The main new additions are:

  • Clickable columns and rows
    Turn a column or row into a full link or ‘card’.
  • Column and row hover styles
    Let people interact with your page in new ways.
  • Extra “republish” menu options
    Republish without going into the editor.
  • Extra “active state” options for navigation sections
    Keep the current section open and expanded when a user is on a page from that section in a membership.
  • Navigation Section style options for corners
    Style the section controls now so they can have smoother, rounded corners.
  • New membership button feedback when a user clicks (spinning icon)
    When a user clicks to log in etc, a spinning icon appears to show them it is loading.
  • Page Switcher refinement inside the editor
    System Pages and Other Pages are now split into 2 lists, easier to find.
  • Button internal linking: easier to build complex automated navigation’s
    Add a button and choose “internal”, now choose any published page or membership page from your project. We will have a case study on what this can do soon…..I love it!
  • Drag and drop controls improvement
    Stops you accidentally dragging a row when you click “add element”.
  • Video Facades
    Huge addition for performance and loading of external video apps.
    This is quite technical so I won’t bore you with the details…..but this one addition improved our page score on gtmetrix by 30%+. What matters to you: your pages will be way faster but still look the same.
  • Image auto size definitions
    No need to manually enter image dimensions now (which improves page render speed), now Kickpages does it for you.

That’s just a snapshot of the main additions. In total, we included 47 different updates in this release, along with the recent addition of 106 new templates in the last 4 weeks!

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