New Feature: Timed Pricing – automate your launches

Jan 15, 2024

New Feature: Timed Pricing – automate your launches

Automate special offers, launches and sales events with Timed Pricing

Timed Pricing is the latest innovation from the Kickpages team that lets you automate special offer and expiring deal pricing in your Kickpages Funnels.

Let’s explain by way of example: let’s say you want to run a Black Friday sale and have the special offer price end at midnight EST. The “old way” (and what you have to do in other platforms) is to either make the page close, redirect to some other page with a different price, or have someone actually be online at midnight to change the price.

With Kickpages Timed Pricing, you can now set a start and end time for any price. If your product usually sells for $197 and you want it to be $97 for Black Friday, just set a Timed Pricing with a start and end date and time, and the price will change automatically……completely hands free.

Use this in conjunction with our Timed Content and you can set up an entire time based special offer or launch and effectively hit “play”, and never have to touch the pages again.

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