Latest Updates Released

Jun 08, 2020

Latest Updates Released

We just made our latest set of updates, fixes and new features live.

Here’s what’s included:

New element: Icons

Lots of users have been asking what is the best way to add icons to their page designs and we’ve created a brand new element to solve it for you, called Icons.

Now you can simply drag the Icons element into your page and choose from 100s of icons (from fontawesome). You get full control over size, colours, hover effects, animation…whatever you need!

New feature: Image Resize

At Kickpages, one of our underlying rules is to make everything as fast as possible, and that extends to giving our users tools to make their pages as fast as possible. This latest feature adds an in-line image resizer so you never need to have images that are too big added to your page.

Example: you have a product image that is 1000px x 1000px and you want to show it on your checkout page as 300px x 300px. You can just add it and the HTML and CSS will make it display in those dimensions, but the user is still downloading the full 1000px image. This is is also a negative on pagespeed metrics. Now, with this new Kickpages feature, you can hover over an image and choose to resize it. Once you choose your new dimensions, Kickpages can overwrite the existing image, or you can set it it to save a new image.

New feature: Background Ordering

In Kickpages you can have both a color/gradient and an image set as a background. Using opacity, this lets you create some cool effects. Before today, it would overlay the CSS on top of your image….but we realised, sometimes you want the image to appear on top, and the colour showing behind the image. You can now choose the order with our new Background Ordering feature.

New feature: Fluid Buttons

Before, you could set a button to be a % width, or a fixed pixel width. Now you can also set it to be a Fluid button, which means it wil just be whatever width is needed based off the text inside it. No need to manually work out the width now, Kickpages will handle it for you.

New feature: Navigation Corners

We added the Rounded Corners control to the main container for navigation elements, letting you more easily create a rounded navigation bar style.

Improvement: Page Download speed

When you click “download” for a page in kickpages, a lot of stuff happens behind the scenes. From gathering up and organising all your CSS and images right through to generating the static HTML file and combining it all in a zip. We noticed the process could be a little slow at times, so we re-engineered this and now the zip generation and download is much faster, saving you time.

Improvement: Global Block for collaborators

Before, collaborators did not see the Global Blocks of a page they were collaborator on. This sometimes made it a little difficult for them to work on a page when they needed to add or edit these blocks. We have now added an extra panel called “Other Global” which will show any Global Blocks of a page you are added as a collaborator too, when you are in the editor on that page. This means you have full flexibility with editing these pages too.

New Feature: Auto-generate Membership Update

We have now made it so that a transaction in the Kickpages Funnel Builder can automatically create a user account in Kickpages Member.

Improvement: Member Search

We updated the layout of the Member Search function, and made the results download function faster and more logical.

Improvements: Funnels

We added a lot of smaller improvements in the Funnel Builder. You will now see more meaningful alerts and messages when you complete actions in the builder, as well as extra situations when cloning funnels and subscription products.

Improvement: Move Pages function in Funnels

Before, we had it restricted so that you could not move a page from a Funnel into another project, but then we found situations where users did want to do this. For example, if they wanted to clone and move a sales page to a project from a funnel. We have now refined this process and users can move pages to/from Funnels into other types of kickpages project, with the exception of pages that have actual Funnel Elements like a checkout form.

We’d love to hear what you think about our latest updates, or if you have any feature requests. You can let us know at


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